Stahlwerk Germany SW5000 Accubooster 12V/24V 5000Ampere

€ 2.350,00
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The Stahlwerk Germany SW5000 Battery Booster is a high-quality solution for quickly and reliably starting vehicles and machines with both 12V and 24V batteries. With an impressive peak current of 5000 amps, this battery booster guarantees effortless starting, even under the most demanding conditions. Whether cars, boats, trucks, tractors, helicopters or excavators, this battery booster provides the necessary power and reliability to get any vehicle or machine back up and running quickly.

This top product, made with Swiss manufacturing quality, is synonymous with durability, optimal performance and ease of use. With an eye for detail and quality, the Stahlwerk Germany SW5000 Battery Booster has been designed to meet the highest standards.

Most important features:
  • Impressive 5000 amp peak current for effortless starting.
  • Suitable for both 12V and 24V batteries, making it a versatile solution.
  • Durability and reliability thanks to Swiss manufacturing quality.
  • Designed to meet the highest standards, even under demanding conditions.
  • Ease of use for an efficient and hassle-free starting process.